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By on September 30, 2014

Boomers Know PinkThe Color Pink—Love, Romance, Tenderness, and Hope

Baby Boomer Know How…

Choose the Mood—Selecting Colors for Your Home and Office

Colors cause an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

Carefully choosing paint, wall hangings, and accessories based on color characteristics will help you create exactly the mood you desire for any room in your home or office.

In this series, Boomers Know How will look at what colors mean, and how various colors influence our lives.

Part Three: The Color Pink—Love, Romance, Tenderness, and Hope

Pink is the universal color of love and romance. Vibrant tones of pink are sensual and passionate, and bright pinks increase your pulse rate and cause energy to surge.

Pink is the color of hope and happiness. It represents compassion and nurturing.

Pink is associated with thoughtfulness, caring, warmth and comfort. These characteristics promote a sense of calm, and can alleviate feelings of anger and resentment.

Pink prompts relaxation, acceptance and contentment.

Introduce the color pink into your home where you want:

  • To create a warm and comforting environment
  • To promote a feeling of hope and happiness
  • To encourage an anger-free, calm feeling
  • Use deeper shades of pink to inspire love and romance
  • To signify femininity

In work environments pink:

  • Can imply a sense of calm and understanding
  • Is used by many charities to symbolize hope and compassion
  • Works well for businesses marketing women’s product and services
  • In a bright shade, it promotes a light-hearted, youthful environment
  • Warmer hues are favored by older adults in gift and floral shops

Take a moment to look at the pink in the image used to illustrate this article. How does it make you feel? Use you reactions and feelings as a guideline to where and when you use the color pink.

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