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By on September 19, 2014

Baby Boomer Color GoldThe Color Gold—Good Health, Confidence, and Willpower

Baby Boomer Know How…

Choose the Mood—Selecting Colors for Your Home and Office

Colors cause an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

Carefully choosing paint, wall hangings, and accessories based on color characteristics will help you create exactly the mood you desire for any room in your home or office.

In this ongoing series, Boomers Know How will look at how various colors influence our lives.

Part Two: The Color Gold—Good Health, Confidence and Willpower

The color gold symbolizes good health, confidence and willpower.

Gold as a color also promotes courage, and not surprisingly, is a symbol of wealth and success.

Gold is an important color in the art of oriental healing. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, and strengthens the heart by positively influencing cardiac conditions.

Imagine your environment charged with willpower, confidence, and good health. Then imagine a life filled with an abundance of achievement, wealth and success. These are all symbols associated with the color gold!

Introduce the color gold into your home where you want:

  • To create a rich and warm environment
  • To promote a feeling of good health and healing
  • To inspire compassion and spirituality
  • To create a sense of charisma, elegance, and sophistication
  • To signify luxury, quality and prosperity

In office environments gold:

  • Promotes a sense of strength, confidence and willpower
  • Symbolizes prestige
  • Implies abundance and prosperity
  • Creates a sense of wisdom and value

Take a moment to look at the gold in the image used to illustrate this article. How does it make you feel? Use you reactions and feelings as a guideline to where and when you use the color gold.

Part One: The Color Blue—Calm and Comforting is available HERE.

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