The Color Blue – Calm and Comforting

By on September 6, 2014

The Color BlueChoose the Mood—Selecting Colors for Your Home and Office

Colors cause an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

Carefully choosing paint, wall hangings, and accessories based on color characteristics will help you create exactly the mood you desire for a room in your home or office.

In this series, Boomers Know How will look at how various colors influence our lives.

Part One: The Color Blue – Calm and Comforting

Blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, quiet, peace and serenity.

Imagine relaxing on a beach with an ocean of cool, calm, blue water stretching as far as the eye can see.

The color blue helps you wind down and rest as it relaxes your muscles and quiets the mind.

Blue is also the color of spirituality and thought. Blue counters chaos and agitation, bringing peace and serenity to the troubled mind.

Blue is known to open the flow of communication and broaden one’s perspective to learn new information.

Introduce the color blue into your home where you want:

  • To reduce stress
  • To feel tranquil, peaceful, calm
  • To support spirituality and meditation
  • To create a sense of safety
  • Blue tends to dampen the appetite, so use it sparingly in kitchen and dining areas.

In an office environment blue:

  • Is known to open the flow of communication
  • Promotes learning new things
  • Implies honesty, trust, and dependability
  • Increases productivity

Take a moment to look at the blue in the image used to illustrate this article. How does it make you feel? Use you reactions and feelings as a guideline to where and when you use the color blue.

Calla Lily photograph by SourceLightImages.

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