Pinterest – The New Refrigerator Magnet!

By on August 15, 2014

Refrigerator MagnetIf you’re a member of the baby boomer generation you’ll likely remember a refrigerator all but covered in refrigerator magnets.

Mom stuck shopping lists, coupons, recipes, newspaper articles, movie times, photographs—lots of photographs—and more to the fridge. Refrigerator magnets kept important stuff handy and in one place.

How about you, did you grow up with a magnet laden refrigerator door?

Better question yet, is your home’s refrigerator covered in tidbit toting magnets at this very moment?

If it is, I’ll bet it’s not nearly as crowded as the refrigerator door you remember as a kid.

Like it or not, gone are the days when the daily newspaper delivered movie listings, book reviews, coupons, recipes, and important announcements to our door. News, entertainment, and commerce have all moved online.

And, how about photographs? Now when you ask someone for a “print” of a photo they’ll ask you for your email address.

The problem with this online age is everything we used to stick on the refrigerator is now bits of data hanging out on the internet. How are we to keep track of it all?

The answer is, Pinterest!

Refrigerator magnet, filing cabinet, encyclopedia, recipe file, coupon clipper, and even bucket list; Pinterest, that big refrigerator magnet in the cloud, has become all of these and so much more.

Three fellas got together in 2009 and created this little electronic bookmarking site to share stuff with colleagues, friends and family members. Pinterest is now valued at $5 billion, and has become the world’s refrigerator magnet for 70 million users.

If you haven’t already done so, you can set up a Pinterest account for free online at

If you are a slow typist (boomer term) like me, it will take you all of about ten minutes to establish an account and setup your first refrigerator magnet—err—I mean, pin board.

You can have a board dedicated to anything you want. I have one for family photos, another for recipes, a few for articles found on the web. I even have one with pictures of all the places I intend to visit before assuming room temperature.

However, to say Pinterest is just a place for you and I to pin our stuff is selling its capabilities way short.

Think of every refrigerator magnet ever created…

  • Each one holds an interesting photograph,
  • Many linked to vast amounts of exciting information,
  • And it’s all accessible to you with just a few taps on your keyboard or smart phone.

That, my baby boomer friend, is Pinterest!

Want some examples?

Let’s say the grandkids are spending the weekend, and you need some awesome ideas for fun activities.
Click HERE to see Carol Meyer’s Pinterest board, Grandparents and Grandchildren, Ideas for Having FUN. She has 848 ideas to share! (Dare you to try the one on how to make an egg erupt!)

Pick out a few of the activities that look interesting and pin them onto your own board for easy reference. Don’t worry, you’re not plagiarizing, it’s what pinning is all about.

How about the best way to grill a steak?
Enter, “Grill Steak” in the search box and instantly have access to hundreds of photos and instructions on grilling the perfect steak. Take a mouth-watering peek, HERE.

Not sure what wine to serve your dinner guests? Find answers HERE.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Find loads of ideas HERE.

Check out some gardening tips HERE.

Want a new exercise routine suited for a boomer body? Here you go!

Maybe you need a new refrigerator…

I think you get the idea. If you can picture it, it’s on Pinterest.

Stop missing all the fun. It’s time to strip the magnets off your refrigerator and get on board today!

Happy Pinning!

The Editors

P.S. You can find us on Pinterest by clicking HERE.


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