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By on July 23, 2014

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Baby Boomer Technology News

Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Boomer

By Walt Mossberg fo re/code

There’s a wide range of tech savvy among this group. Some eagerly acquire every gadget and app. Others are still using flip phones and Windows XP, and could use a major upgrade. But in my experience, few are anti-tech, and most have embraced some parts of the digital world.

Herewith, some suggestions for what to get the Boomers on your list: MORE

How to Set up Facebook, Twitter and Every Other Major Social Media Profile

By Evan LePage for HootSuite

With so much potential value in each social media profile, it’s worth investing the time and effort required to set them up properly. (Or, if you’ve neglected yours for an extended period of time, it can be just as important to give it a complete overhaul.) Here’s our complete guide on how to social media profiles. MORE

All the info you need to know to guarantee your profiles are both complete and display properly.

5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence

By  for US News and World Report

Nearly half of the 2,000-plus hiring managers and human resources professionals surveyed said they hired a candidate because they got a good sense of his or her personality via social media and could see the person being a good fit with the company culture. Many of those surveyed were also impressed by candidates’ professional images, communication skills and wide ranges of interest. MORE

A completed LinkedIn and Google+ profile will demonstrate to hiring managers that you are a tech-savvy boomer!

Apple hired luxury designers to make its watch

By  for VOX

Apple didn’t reveal one watch yesterday; it revealed 34. At its annual unveiling of new technology, the company revealed two new iPhones and the Apple Watch. But unlike the iPhones, the Watch will have dozens of different personalized design options. MORE

Clever and easy: Use your phone as a magnifying glass

By Kim Komando

These magnifying apps use your smartphone’s camera to enlarge whatever you point the at. They can also fire up your phone camera’s flash, which can help if you’re trying to read in a poorly lit area. No more squinting at menus or holding labels at arm’s length. Now you can read fine print without your glasses and see things clearly in dim light.MORE

Free iPhone and android phone magnifying apps are available.

Shooting video with your phone? Don’t hold it vertically

By Allan Hoffman/For The Star-Ledger 

At concerts and graduation ceremonies, at sporting events and parties, just about everyone I’ve seen shooting video with a phone is holding it vertically. This is wrong. Very wrong. And there’s probably no stopping it. There is even a name for the trend: vertical video syndrome. MORE

Next time you see a video that plays a a skinny vertical line you’ll know why.

Best Luxury Kitchen Appliances

By  for Pursuitist

Looking for the best luxury kitchen appliances? Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, select a kitchen appliance brand that complements your life. If your personal preference is centered on design and style, or on food and entertainment, here’s our list of the top high-end culinary brands that will suit your preferred lifestyle. Live, and dine, in luxury with these incredible kitchen appliance brands: MORE

Break the norm without breaking the bank: 12 entry-level luxury cars for under $35K


Exclusive brands don’t necessarily have to be expensive. These 12 entry-level luxury sedans are a bargain in the new car market, and provide a classier alternative to a fully-optioned Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, or Nissan Altima for the same amount of coin. MORE

What’s really going to happen if I unplug that flash drive?

From Kim Komando – America’s Digital Goddess

I regularly get questions from listeners about unplugging USB drives. There’s a lot of confusion about the best way to disconnect a drive from your computer. More

Eject that USB drive first before you yank it from your computer’s port. The article is a quick read well worth your time.

Gigabytes On The Gridiron: The NFL Warms Up To Tech

By MIKE MURPHY – The Mercury News

Keep an eye out for hoodies on the sidelines: The NFL is getting a high-tech makeover that could quite literally change the way we see the game. MORE

Some very cool tech that should add a whole new layer of excitement to NFL broadcasts.


Photography Tips

H 2 OHHHHH-Capture The Water

By Russ Burden for Outdoor Photographer

Tips for photographing scenes that include water… MORE

OurPaths Turns Life Memories Into Virtual Museums

By Digital Journal

OurPaths, an application that enables Boomers and their families to document their lives and those of departed loved ones, is helping the first generation of tech consumers create collaborative tributes in virtual reality environments. MORE


The first-of-its-kind app allows users to personalize a 3D space, then invite friends and family to add photos, videos and memories. It incorporates an immersive virtual experience with micro social networks, preserving stories of loved ones no matter how distant. Users can enter a tribute; browse as they would in a museum; and share or appreciate photos, videos and written stories about the person being honored. The interactive story-telling tool, engineered for mobile devices, became available for iPhone and iPad users this month.



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