Omega-3 Fish Oil – The Science Is In!

By on July 31, 2014

Omega-3Study after study show Omega-3 essential fatty acids support…


  • A Healthy Heart
  • A Healthy Brain
  • Joint Health and Flexibility
  • Healthy Looking Skin and Hair
  • Eye Health

The challenge for most of us is getting the recommended daily dose of omega-3 into our diets. How many of us have time (or budget) to prepare fresh, omega-3 rich, fish meals each day?

The only sensible alternative for most of us is omega-3 fish oil supplements.

Fish oil softgels are a common option. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me the softgel fish oil supplements have an unfavorable side effect. Have you ever experienced a fish oil burp? No thanks!

Fortunately, the good folks at The Coromega Company have a solution!

Coromega’s flavored squeeze packs make adding omega-3 to your daily routine quick and easy. Coromega’s omega-3 fish oil supplements taste great, have no aftertaste—and no fish burps!

Boomers Know How highly recommends the orange flavored squeeze packs.


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