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By on November 13, 2014

Life CoachRediscover Your Passion in a Second Career

A Boomers Know How Series – This Installment: Life Coach

The experts can argue all they want as to whether 60 is the new 40. What they cannot argue, is baby boomers in ever-increasing numbers are looking to embark on second careers at age 50, 60, and beyond.

Compared to just a generation ago, today’s baby boomers are healthier, feel younger, and with gas left in the tank, are not ready to hang up their ambitions.

That doesn’t mean boomers are not ready to retire from their original careers. Quite the contrary, many boomers are ready, willing, and financially able to walk away from the familiar workday grind in favor of new possibilities as they reinvent their lives.

Some baby boomers are trading their full time status to consultant and mentor in their chosen fields. Others are switching careers entirely to chase a long dormant dream as they enter life’s second act with renewed passion.

As a resource for all things baby boomer, will be exploring a number of popular—second acts—in our series, “Chasing Dreams After 50—Rediscover Your Passion in a Second Career!”

Our goal is to provide ideas and resources for a number of second career possibilities. As always, our readers’ comments and suggestions for future posts are greatly appreciated!



Chasing Dreams After 50—Rediscover Your Passion in a Second Career

A Boomers Know How Series

Featured Second Career Possibility — Life Coach

Should you be… could you be… a Life Coach

Consider this question…

Have you ever had a conversation with one of your adult children, or maybe a sibling, a friend, co-worker, fellow church member, anyone who was in serious need of advice—and—you were able to offer valuable counseling based on your skills and a lifetime of experiences?

Did you feel good afterward?

Perhaps you went through the rest of your day with a little extra bounce in your step, grateful you were able to help another human being. You felt good; confident in knowing you had provided insightful advice because you had been there, done that, and knew what you were talking about.

Would you like to have more of those experiences?

For my money, these types of experiences are exactly why someone would become a Life Coach.

And while life coaches offer a myriad of services — from personal improvement topics, to business expertise, to health enhancement, to crisis management, and more — the only coach I would trust is one that had a lifetime of experiences to back up his or her coaching advice.

Bring on the Baby Boomers!

Life coaching is a perfect vehicle for boomers looking to share their hard-earned expertise and life experiences.

Think about it…

  • You’ve had a successful career and are ready to relax a little and enjoy some free time. But you aren’t quite ready to ride off into the sunset—not yet anyway. Perhaps it’s time to share your expertise and help the next generation succeed!
  • Have you overcome a hardship in your life? Maybe a health related challenge, a personal tragedy, a financial crisis—whatever the adversity, you found a way to meet the challenge and achieve your goals. There are others out there facing similar challenges without a clue as to how to move forward. As a Life Coach, you could be their guiding light.
  • Perhaps you’ve spent a lifetime developing a specific skill set—management, accounting, law, banking, sales, marketing, human resources—any business related skill. Young entrepreneurs would certainly benefit from your coaching advice. You could become a volunteer coach for an organization like SCORE, or establish a fee-based coaching practice.

Here’s the bottom line, if you have an area of expertise—no matter how general or specific—and a passion for helping people, Life Coaching could be the ideal second career choice for you!

You can set your own hours, you can establish a fee-based or volunteer coaching practice, and perhaps best of all—you already have the expertise.

What can stand in your way?

While you bring a lifetime of expertise in your given field to life coaching, you may have no experience with the actual business of coaching. Never fear, training for life coaches is readily available.

Books, self-study materials, and community college courses are all available to help aspiring life coaches learn the coaching trade. Spend some time with your favorite internet search engine and you’ll see what’s out there.

While has no association, financial relationship, and makes no endorsements, the following are a few of the resources you may want to check out.

Tony Robbins and the Robbins-Madanes Training Courses

Martha Beck Life Coach Training

We reviewed Martha’s book, North Star, HERE. Volunteer Business Mentors

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification

ICF International Coach Federation

Coach Training Alliance

The Institute for Life Coach Training


Life Coach…

Try it on for size…

“Hi, my name is, Your Name Here, and I am a Life Coach!

All the best,


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