Will Aloe Vera Juice Snuff Out Heartburn?

By on December 5, 2014

Aloe Vera Juice
Here’s what I discovered…

Okay—first an important disclaimer—I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV!

Consider the following my testimonial to how well Aloe Vera Juice controls my bothersome heartburn symptoms.

Please check with your doctor before you start slugging down the juice—especially if you are on any medications, or are being treated for an illness. I have also included links to additional information below for your enlightenment.

Here’s the deal…

I used to get heartburn on a fairly regular basis. And not being one prone to consuming medications, I would treat it with over the counter and home-based remedies. (Pink stuff and tablets, plus this baby boomer has consumed many a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in water!)

All these methods treated heartburn once it started. What I wanted was a no-pill, non-prescription preemptive strike. Something I could take when I knew I would consume foods that typically caused my heartburn, (garlic, hot sauce, etc.) or had overeaten, and could feel the burn building. (Think Thanksgiving Dinner!)

My wife came home one day (as she has done for 33-years, silly women) and suggested I try Aloe Vera Juice. Not one prone to laugh at the gal I love, I bit my cheek and asked her how I was supposed to get juice out of that cactus-looking plant growing like a weed on our windowsill.

After one of those, ‘geez you’re a caveman’ looks, she informed me you could buy the juice in a drinkable form right from your local grocery or health food store. (We now buy ours by the gallon at Trader Joe’s for under 10-bucks.) Just make sure you buy Aloe Vera Juice meant for internal use.

Our bottle reads, “A Dietary Supplement.” It also touts Aloe Vera Juice as a supplement for overall health, immune support, gastrointestinal support, muscle and joint support, and even oral hygiene. (There is also the standard language that the FDA has not evaluated these statements.)

Being a caveman, I can only assume it’s the gastrointestinal support that helps the heartburn. In any case, I have been at this for about three years now. And again, don’t take this as doctor’s advice, but the stuff works awesome for me.

If I overindulge at the dinner table, I’ll down 4-5 ounces of the stuff before I go to bed. When I plan to eat spicy-garlicky goodness by the plateful, I’ll drink a few ounces prior to the meal.

On the rare occasion heartburn wakes me from my restful slumber—same thing—4-5 ounces straight up, like a caveman trying to quit belching fire.

No matter the scenario, it just flat out works for me!

My wife is a bit more of a delicate flower. She’s not one to slug down the stuff straight up. I happen to like the taste; she does not. She puts an ounce or two in her morning smoothie. I am happy to report she is happy with the results as well. (Happy wife, happy life!)

So there you have it, my testimonial to the wonders of Aloe Vera Juice. I’m a fan, and it appears I’m a member of a fairly large fan club—at least if you can believe the articles available on the internet.

And as promised, here are links to a few of the many informative sources you will fine online. Check them out, and let us know in the comments section below if you snuff your heartburn with Aloe Vera Juice.

Remedies for Heartburn Relief from About Health

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Until next time,

May your days and nights be acid reflux and heartburn free!

Editor, BoomersKnowHow.com

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