3 Steps To A Perfect Night’s Sleep

By on October 16, 2014

Baby Boomer Night's SleepA Baby Boomers Guide… 3 Simple Steps to a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Whenever I struggle to get to sleep at night, it’s usually for one of three reasons. (Or worse, a combination of all three!)

1) I go from running around the house engaged in some form of busyness, or watching an action packed whodunit T.V. drama, to climbing into bed thinking I can flip a switch in my consciousness and instantly fall asleep.

2) I climb under the covers anxious about all the things I have to do tomorrow, not knowing where I am going to start, and worried I’ll forget something important.

3) I go to bed angry—angry with someone, something, or just upset with my general state of existence.

Can you relate to any of these three scenarios?

Studies show one third of us experience difficulty falling asleep every night of the week, and two thirds of the population struggle getting to sleep multiple nights each week.

On any given day, up to 70 million people in the U.S. alone are walking around sleep deprived.

While many who suffer from sleep related disorders need—and should seek—professional help, I know in my case my restless nights are usually self-induced by the self-destructive three bad habits listed above.

If you’re with me in the stupid sleep habits club, I propose three simple steps to dramatically improving your chances for a good night’s sleep. I offer them here as a suggestion, and heed you to pay special attention to number step three.

By the way, notice I said simple steps, not easy steps. The steps are indeed simple, but old habits are hard to break. Here’s hoping you and I can form some new habits, and wake each morning happy, grateful we get to enjoy our days energized after a terrific night’s sleep!


Three Simple Steps to a Perfect Night’s Sleep…

The 30-Minute Habit!

Preparation: 30-minutes prior to your tuck-me-in time shut off all the electronic distractions in your home. The television, your smart phone, laptop, tablet—anything that distracts or makes noise must be silenced. Relaxing music is okay, the nightly news, or a last check of Facebook is not!

  • Step 1) 10 Minutes Morning Prep – On a blank piece of paper list your to do list for tomorrow. (It’s okay to access an electronic calendar or to do list if that’s how you roll.) Circle or highlight the first thing you need to accomplish.

Now place your list outside your bedroom in a place you’re sure to find it in the morning. Close your eyes, breath in, breathe out, and relax. Now forget about the list. Take comfort knowing you’ll start tomorrow with a roadmap to a successful day.

  • Step 2) 10 Minutes to prep for bed – Now’s the time to get all the necessities taken care of before you hit the sack. Jammies, brush and floss, lay out tomorrow’s clothes, and check the alarm clock.

Take comfort in the routine. It’s your signal to your body it’s time to wind down to sleepy town.

  • Step 3) The last 10 Minutes – and the most important step! In a pinch, I can give you a pass on the first two steps, but Step 3 is key to a good night’s sleep and so much more.

Step 3 is the anti-anger, anti-stress, anti-anxiety step—it will shift your focus from worried expectation to grateful appreciation.

Here’s how it works…

On a blank sheet of paper, (I prefer 3×5 index cards) take 10 minutes writing and reflecting on the 10 things in your life you are grateful for today. You must write at least ten! Think about the people in your life, the roof over your head, health, friendships, work, your flower garden, pets—trust me, we all have at least ten things to be grateful for!

So grab a pen and give me ten, and even if the list is the same each night—do the rewrite! There’s something about writing the list that creates magic.

Now, take your list and put it under your pillow.  Fall asleep giving thanks for all the blessings in your life.

That’s it, my three simple steps to a good night’s sleep.

Try it for a week or two. I would love to hear your results; touch-base in the comments section below, and don’t hesitate to share your sleep tips as well.

All the best to you!

Editor, BoomersKnowHow.com

P.S. Carry your appreciation list around with you each day. Give it a read whenever you feel the need to center your thoughts on something positive.

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