Money: Master The Game – 7 Steps To Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

By on December 4, 2014

Can Tony Robbinsyou trust Wall Street with your investment money?

It’s sad to say, but I think most of us would answer that question with a resounding, “No!”

A long history of abuses, including the recent 2008 financial crisis, have left me wondering if the financial markets are anything more than legalized gambling for Wall Street institutions and insiders.

The string of bad characters (Bernie Madoff, et al.) has cast a shadow of suspicion on anyone tied to the financial markets.

For me, I don’t attribute my distrust as much to the well-publicized scams and abuses, as to a sense of complete ignorance about how the many markets function. This is coming from a guy who sold investments, including stocks, real estate, insurance, and financial planning services—I should have an understanding of the system.

Granted, my short stint in the investment industry was almost three decades ago. Since that time, a lot has changed. Today’s investment vehicles, methods of investing, and the size of the investment industry as a whole, make me feel like I worked in Fred Flintstone’s time.

Therein lies the rub; I think Wall Street wants us all ignorant. It’s part of how they rig the system. The dizzying complexity of the financial arena is meant to keep folks like you and me on the sideline, or at the very least, force us to pay (and trust) financial advisors that make their livings on commissions.

Worse yet, even with “expert” advice the deck is so stacked against small investors that our trading dollars usually just provide fodder for the Wall Street machine.

Many of us throw up the white flag and elect to park our 401Ks and investment accounts in an array of managed mutual funds. We hope time will be on our side, and we’ll end up with a decent return when we’re ready for retirement.

After all, we can trust mutual funds, right? All you need do is read the 50-plus pages of fine print in the prospectus to know if the fees are reasonable and how they intend to invest your money. Or you can just choose funds based on past performance, and just pray you’re not invested next time a 2008-style crisis hits.

So, is there any hope for the average person? Is there any chance you and I can participate in the stock market as well informed, successful investors?

I can’t honestly answer yes to that question. However, I can tell you investors exist that continue to master the market—in good times, and through catastrophes—they make money for their clients, period.

Unfortunately, even with a million bucks to invest, you and I could never gain access to these experts and their investment knowledge.

That is, until now…

Best-selling author and life coach, Tony Robbins, has written his first new book in twenty years. Not because he needed to, not because he wanted to, he wrote, Money – Master The Game, because he felt he had to.

Here’s how Tony explains his reason for writing the book. (Excerpt from Chapter 1.1)

” Ever since the dark days of 2008, when the global financial system nearly melted down, I’ve been obsessed with finding a way to help everyday people take control of their money and fight back against a system that’s often been rigged against them. The fix has been in for years, and it hasn’t gotten a whole lot better with all those so-called reforms on Capitol Hill. In some areas, it’s gotten worse. To find answers, I interviewed 50 of the most brilliant, influential players in the world of money. In this book, you won’t get talking heads, and you won’t get my opinions, either. You’ll hear it straight from the masters of the game: self-made billionaires, Nobel laureates, and financial titans.”Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins’ success gives him access to people you and I will never meet. We will never have an opportunity to ask for advice from financial geniuses like:

  • Carl Icahn
  • Warren Buffett
  • Ray Dalio
  • Boone Pickens
  • Charles Schwab
  • Sir John Templeton
  • David Swensen
  • John C. Bogle
  • Paul Tudor Jones
  • Mary Callahan Erdoes
  • Kyle Bass
  • Marc Faber

You may not recognize all of these names, but suffice it to say, they are the masters of the investment world, and Tony Robbins has picked their brains for you and me.

The book lays out Tony’s 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. The steps cover investors at every stage, from those just starting their financial journey, to baby boomers struggling to accumulate and stretch retirement funds.

I belong to the baby boomer group. I am pouring through the book thrilled with how easy it is to read and understand. This is not your typical dry, academic, financial how-to book. It’s actually fun to read.

With each chapter, I am becoming more confident about my family’s financial future. I think you will, too!

(DISCLAIMER: and staff do NOT benefit in any way from the sale of this book.)

As Tony Robbins wrote in the excerpt above, he put together this book because he is obsessed with helping everyday people take control of their money. He has even put his money where his mouth is. Undoubtedly, this book, like most of Tony’s work, will be a huge financial success. Yet he will never see a penny of it.

All the author’s profits have been donated in advance to feed the hungry around the world. Through Feeding America, Tony has personally guaranteed 50 million meals delivered to those in need.

Tony explains the book and his goals to feed the hungry in this video interview with Marie Forleo.


So, back to my original question…

Do you trust Wall Street?

My answer is still a resounding NO! The only difference is, with the help of Tony Robbins and twelve of the most brilliant investment minds on the planet, I now feel I can stack the odds in my favor.

Money – Master The Game, is available from and in book stores everywhere.


Here’s to your success!


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