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By on August 13, 2014

Natural Health Claudia HillHerbs and Spices: Natural Health Benefits

A Complete Guide for using Herbal Remedies to Improve Your Health

By Claudia Hill

This book builds on our “Dynamic Dozen,” the Boomers Know How list of 12 herbs and spices that belong in every baby boomer’s kitchen. (Find it here.)

Claudia’s book includes an overview of over 20 herbs and spices commonly used in kitchens around the world. The book also details the long history of using herbs and spices for medicinal purposes.

From the books Introduction…

The book explains how the spices and herbs are cultivated, where they were originally found and if they can be grown at home. For the spices and herbs that can be grown in the garden, the book will briefly touch on what is required for each individual herb or spice to allow it to successfully grow outdoors or in containers in the kitchen. Along with information on cultivation, readers will also learn how to tell when an herb is fresh when they buy it in the market or grow it in their gardens.

Claudia tells us how each herb and spice is cultivated, its nutrients and medicinal values, and lists common uses in food.

She packs a lot of boomer know-how into this easy to use herb and spice guide.

Boomers Know How recommends Claudia Hill’s “Herbs and Spices: Natural Health Benefits,” to anyone interested in healthy eating.

Here’s to your health!

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