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By on July 21, 2014

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How to Prevent Fractures if You Have Osteoporosis

From WebMD

View this slide show with 10 tips on how to live better and stronger with osteoporosis. MORE

Brain Health Important to 93% of Americans, But Few Know the 5 Ways to Help Maintain or Improve It

New AARP Survey

The Five Ways to Support Brain Health

AARP Staying Sharp recognizes that many people are proactively working to keep their minds sharp so that they can continue to live active, fulfilling and independent lives. AARP’s analysis of current research suggests that people interested in maintaining and improving their brain health should focus on five areas:

  • Keeping Fit:  Studies show that even small amounts of regular exercise like walking can positively impact brain health.
  • Learning More:  Everything from learning a new language or skill to participating in online exercises designed to challenge and test the brain.
  • Managing Stress:  Several studies  indicate sleep and stress management improve brain health.
  • Eating Right:  Scientific research shows that certain elements in food – from omega-3 fatty acids to vitamin E – can positively impact brain health.
  • Being Social:  Research shows that staying socially connected to other people supports a healthy brain. MORE

The Senior’s Guide to Exercise

By Amir Khan for U.S. News

Exercise is important at any age, but as you get older, regularly exercising could mean the difference between living independently and needing someone to care for you. However, exercising in your golden years isn’t the same as exercising in your youth, and fitness experts say there are types you need to do and precautions you need to take once you’re over 65. MORE

Are You Concerned You May Be Developing Alzheimer’s?

By  for Huffington Post

With all the public interest in Alzheimer’s disease these days it wouldn’t be unusual for you to fear you are getting it. When you have what we refer to as ‘a senior moment’ you may laugh about it with your friends, but you may also be among the numerous people who are secretly afraid it may be an early sign of dementia. MORE

Breast Cancer Month: 6 Ways You Can Adjust Your Lifestyle To Reduce Your Risk Of Disease

By  for Medical Daily

Lifestyle diseases are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with the environment. They are diseases that occur based on daily habits and behavior. While cancer is not strictly a lifestyle disease, many forms of it can be attributed, in part, to the choices we make in our daily lives. In particular, breast cancer risk has been shown to increase for those who slip into bad habits. MORE

World Alzheimer Report: Preventing Dementia through Lifestyle Changes

These recent studies and reports bring encouraging news–we can lower our risk, and possibly even prevent dementia through lifestyle choices.

Chiropractic care may ease back-related leg pain


(Reuters Health) – People with leg pain related to back problems had more short-term relief if they received chiropractic care along with exercise and advice, rather than exercise and advice alone, a new study has found. MORE

It’s amazing we need a study to tell us chiropractic care coupled with exercise and physical therapy is a viable treatment option for back related pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar – The Wonder ‘Drug’ of Yesterday and Today


Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful natural cure for a number of ailments which usually require antibiotics and other medications that have a number of side effects. In particular, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to: MORE


9 Types of Medications That Can Lead to Chronic Fatigue

by: Dr. Armon B. Neel Jr., from: AARP

Could one or more of the medications you’re taking be making you feel listless or lethargic? Read below to learn about the major classes of drugs that can cause chronic fatigue. If you suspect that your symptoms might be linked to a medication you’re taking, talk to your doctor or health care provider right away. It’s important that you do not discontinue them on your own. MORE

Takeaway: It pays to know the possible side effects caused by prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs and supplements.

Walking lowers breast cancer risk by 42%

By K. Aleisha Fetters for MSN Healthy Living

Researchers found that the women who met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s current aerobic exercise guidelines (that’s two and a half hours of moderate activity or an hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity a week) were 42% less likely to die of breast cancer during the study than those whose exercise fell short of the guidelines MORE

The New Science of Living Longer

A handful of exotic and familiar foods can influence how quickly your cells age, according to breakthrough research

by Arlene Weintraub for

The path to a long life may be as short as the walk to your refrigerator or the local gym. That’s the message from scientists who are working on the cutting edge of aging research. Focused on diseases such as dementia, cancer and heart disease, this area of study has uncovered clues to how certain nutrients and specific exercise regimens can change the biological destinies of your cells. MORE

Science is telling us what we have know all along. What we eat and how we live determines our health and longevity. We are in control!

Five lifestyle changes ‘could reduce dementia risk’

By Health Editor, The Telegraph

Last month a landmark study by Cambridge University suggested that just one hour’s exercise a week can reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease by almost half. MORE

Evidence is accumulating that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The five suggestions in this article are sound advice.

10 Things That Boost Sex Life

By Dr. Meenakshi Attrey for A.D.A.M.

The world is crazy about food and the health benefits of it. But have you ever thought that apart from maintaining your body’s weight and shape, a thoughtful eating behavior may also have a direct influence on your sex life. Many foods are found to have a positive effect of your sex drive, and here are the best ones: MORE

A healthier sex life by way of healthy foods–sounds like a terrific alternative to prescriptions!

Foods to manage blood sugar levels

By Dr. Meenakshi Attrey for A.D.A.M.

When it comes to a debate on diet for diabetes management, trust me, there is nothing that can beat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Avoiding food rich in starches and free sugar is a well-established approach but adding certain foods to your existing diet plan may also help keep the blood sugar levels in check. MORE

By 2030 it is estimated that one out of four baby boomers will have diabetes. A healthy diet and active lifestyle is key to prevention and treatment.

25 Ways To Stay Sharp For Life

By Nina Elias for

These 25 brain-boosters prove that caring for your brain is easier (and more fun!) than you thought. MORE

Boomers redefining fitness in retirement

BGeorge Guerin/Fitness Blogger  for

Fitness trainers and health professionals are developing programs to cater to this aging yet on-the-go generation with programs that include everything from mild, non-impact aerobics, to strength training, to yoga as well as the more extreme triathlon training. This range of training programs can extend longevity and help boomers maintain mobility while slowing the onset of age-related illnesses. MORE

Study links higher caffeine consumption with lower tinnitus risk


Tinnitus, an annoying ringing or buzzing in the ears, was less likely to occur in women who consumed the most caffeine, in a large study of nurses.
Tinnitus can happen sporadically, or in some cases may plague a person daily. The cause is unclear, and so is the reason why caffeine would lower one’s risk of developing the condition, researchers say. MORE

Tinnitus is a big problem among baby boomers, and doctors seem to have no solution for that annoying ringing in your ears. While this study is not conclusive, it’s possible an extra cup or two of coffee each day may help. As a tinnitus sufferer and coffee lover, any reason to enjoy a few more cups gets a ringing endorsement from me!

Heading for middle age? Bring your sneakers to cut breast cancer risk

MELISSA HEALY – Los Angeles Times

For women past childbearing age, a new study finds that a modest amount of exercise — four hours a week of walking or more intensive physical activity such as cycling for just two hours a week — drives down breast cancer risk by roughly 10%. MORE

The evidence continues to mount, so many of our baby boomer health woes would go away if we simply stay active. A one hour walk each day– say it with me — “I can do that!”


Nutrition tip of the week: Gluten-free: Fad or epidemic?

By Anita Marlay for Lake News Online

Lifelong avoidance of gluten is the only known treatment for celiac disease. Celiac disease can occur at any age and it is thought that it may be triggered by physical or emotional trauma, especially later in life. MORE

Gluten is at the root of many health issues and causes needless suffering. The article explains the difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity; how to diagnose both; and why gluten-free as a diet fad is a bad idea.

The 2014 “Dirty Dozen” List

Is Your Favorite Produce Packed with Pesticides?

BY LEAH ZERBE, for Men’s Health Magazine

Environmental Working Group releases an updated list of the dirtiest—and cleanest—fruits and veggies on the market. MORE

While it makes sense to avoid pesticide contaminated food, it’s good to know when to spend more for organic options, and when you are safe to save some cash and buy non-organic labeled fruits and veggies.

12 Natural Ways To Kill Bugs

By Leah Zerbe for

The problem: Chemical bug repellants aren’t only bad for bugs, they’re bad for you, too. 
Scientists have linked DEET, the most common active ingredient in bug spray, 
to asthma attacks, seizures, and even nerve damage. Household and lawn bug 
killers often contain insecticidal chemicals called organophosphates, 
which are toxic to the nervous system and have been linked to 
developmental problems in children. MORE

Great tips to keep handy. I’ll be using the cure for fruit flies today! (The little %@!#*)

Ask Dr. K: Lifestyle changes can help ditch BP meds

By The Spokesman-Review

DEAR DOCTOR K: Is it possible to get off blood pressure-lowering medication through diet and exercise?

DEAR READER: Yes, it is. I’ve seen many patients commit to lifestyle changes and get off blood-pressure medicines entirely. More often, I’ve seen that a commitment to a healthier lifestyle allows people to greatly reduce how much medication they take, even though they still need some medicines to control their blood pressure. MORE

Regular exercise is the answer to so many of our baby boomer health issues. I especially like the tip on resistance training. Thanks, Dr. K!

The 5 Fruits with the Highest—and Lowest—Sugar Counts

BY ZAHRA BARNES for Women’s Health Magazine

No, they don’t have added sugar—but you should still have a rough idea of how much of the sweet stuff you’re taking in. MORE

When it comes to healthy eating, not all fruits are created equal. This is baby boomer must know info if you are counting calories or monitoring blood-sugar levels.

Health: Baby Boomers and the Zumba Craze

By Cynthia Barnett for Cary Citizen

It’s no surprise that most participants are twenty or thirty-somethings with some middle-aged moms enjoying the classes, too. But what about the older ladies and men? Is vigorous exercise too much for baby boomer bones? MORE

The type of exercise our Baby Boomer bodies are willing to endure is often determined more by the organ housed between our ears, than by our aging muscles and joints. Time to Zumba!

5 Foods High in Probiotics That Aren’t Yogurt

BY LEAH FESSLER for Women’s Health Magazine

New research published in the journal Hypertension finds that people who eat probiotics usually have lower blood pressure readings than those who don’t. Add it to the list of health benefits that come from consuming the live microorganisms (namely, better-functioning digestive and immune systems). But what if you aren’t a big fan of yogurt—or you just want to switch things up? Luckily, it’s not your only option if you want to up your intake of probiotics. Jackie Newgent, R.D., says all of the following foods are also good sources. MORE

16-year study determines lifestyle changes are best for diabetes prevention

By Tannya Joaquin – Hawaii News Now

The study followed 72 high risk participants in Hawaii for 16 years as part of a 27 State clinical trial.
Volunteers had different motivations for sticking with the study. For Leroy Piiohia, it was for his family. He said, “It’s really good what I learned not just for myself. What I learned I incorporated with my wife and my children.” 

He was part of the intensive lifestyle group that showed the best results. In the first four years of the study, diabetes was prevented or delayed by 58 percent with exercise, weight loss, and nutrition changes. MORE

Healthy lifestyle may buffer against stress-related cell aging, study says

By Science Codex, Reference UC San Francisco

“This is the first study that supports the idea, at least observationally, that stressful events can accelerate immune cell aging in adults, even in the short period of one year. Exciting, though, is that these results further suggest that keeping active, and eating and sleeping well during periods of high stress are particularly important to attenuate the accelerated aging of our immune cells,” said Puterman. MORE


Scrip Companies Highlights Rising Popularity of Alternative Healthcare Modalities and Greater Emphasis on Preventing Illness Rather Than Simply Treating Symptoms

From Wall Street Journal Market Watch

“The widespread shift toward patient-centric care has triggered a growing demand for chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy and other natural approaches to wellness,” says Kray Kibler… MORE


“With broader acceptance of CAM therapies, particularly among Boomers who remain active for a longer time period, it is likely that more Americans will seek healthcare services that emphasize non-surgical, non-drug options for maximizing mobility and independence,” Kibler adds.

Coffee vs. Tea: Which Is Better for You?

By YouBeauty Editors for

These two morning staples contain a host of nutritional properties. Promote weight loss and prevent yourself from diseases and depression by incorporating tea and coffee in to your daily routine. See a side-by-side Baby Boomer benefits comparison… MORE

Ten Best Foods to Eat Frequently for a Terrific Health Kick

By Dr. Mercola

If optimal health is your goal, there’s no getting around your diet. Your physical health is a direct reflection of what you put into your body, and how you live your life in general. MORE


The term “superfood” has become something of a marketing buzzword in recent years, and many processed food products will boast such ingredients. But don’t be fooled. Processing tends to denature nutrients, so what you end up with is typically a far inferior version compared to the real thing.

Your best bet is to simply stick with the originals, meaning whole organic foods.

How the Bates Method Can Help You Retrain Your Eyes to See More Clearly Again

By Dr. Mercola
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to see clearly without glasses or contacts? According to Greg Marsh, a certified natural vision coach, clear vision is achievable by virtually everyone, even if you’re already wearing strong corrective lenses. MORE


The Bates Method is really quite simple, yet it requires patience, and some finesse. Remember, the goal is not to “train” or exercise your eyes to make them stronger. The goal is to relax them. Greg’s program provides thorough instructions that can help you get there. Also remember that your mindset is important. With faith in yourself and your body’s self-regenerative ability, the toughest hurdle is learning to relax, so your eyes can function in accord with their natural design.

Doctor urges baby boomers to get tested for Hepatitis C

By Bob McClay
PHOENIX — A Tucson doctor says baby boomers should get their blood checked. That’s because they’re more at risk for the Hepatitis C virus. MORE

LIFELONG HEALTH: More baby boomers are experiencing sexual dysfunction

A major misconception is that a decline in sexual function with advancing age is inevitable. MORE


In counseling, any couple who has sexual dysfunction, the critical importance of intimacy, closeness and touch must be emphasized. Concentrating on intimacy, kissing and loving must always be the initial step in solving the problem.



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