Color Symbolism – Choose the Mood

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Color Symbolism –

Choose the Mood — Selecting Colors for Your Home and Office

Colors cause an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

Carefully choosing paint, wall hangings, and accessories based on color characteristics will help you create exactly the mood you desire for any room in your home or office.

In this ongoing series, Boomers Know How will look at color symbolism, what colors mean, and how selected colors influence our lives.

Click the image of the color you would like to explore.


The Color Blue - color symbolismThe Color Blue – Calm and Comforting


The Color Gold - color symbolismThe Color Gold—Good Health, Confidence and Willpower


The Color Pink - color symbolismThe Color Pink—Love, Romance, Tenderness, and Hope

The Color Green - color symbolismThe Color Green – Tranquility and Harmony

The Color Orange - color symbolismThe Color Orange – Flamboyant, Warm, Jovial

The Color Purple — Noble, Creative, Spiritual!The Color Purple - color symbolism


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